BudgIT SL team attends the Anti Corruption Commission Partners’ Training Session

On Thursday, March 30, 2023, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) organized a training program for its newly recruited partners, including civil society organizations (CSOs) and media institutions, in its headquarters office in Freetown to strengthen the fight against corruption.

The Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, Esq., welcomed the new partners, citing that the fight against corruption requires more than the ACC’s staff, which is why the Commission is forging these alliances to ensure that the fight becomes a national fight in which everyone can lend their expertise and otherwise defeat this menace that threatens to destroy everything we stand for as a nation. “You are in charge of fighting corruption. When they mention the fight against corruption, they are not referring to the ACC. It is about the partnership and support that the ACC can mobilize to work together to ensure that corruption is under control in Sierra Leone. So we have a deliberate plan and have been carrying it out to ensure that we can bring as many people together as possible to help and actively participate in the fight against corruption.”

ACC Commissioner making his opening remarks.

Also in attendance is Patrick Sandi, Director of Public Education and External Outreach Department, who shared that the goal of the day’s engagement is to broaden the scope of ACC partners. He emphasized the dangers that corruption has caused and continues to cause to Sierra Leone and its people, and he urged them to seize this opportunity to help free Sierra Leone from the shackles of corruption. Director Sandi described the partners as “strategic” in the fight against corruption and asked for their support for the Commission in the anti-corruption campaign.

He also took participants through the operation of the ACC during the training, stating that the commission executes its mandate through a three-pronged approach: public education, prevention, and enforcement. 

Patrick Sandi, Director of Public Education and External Outreach Department

Another trainer, Mr. Michael Sesay (Acting Deputy Director), also spoke on partnership and collaboration in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone. In his words, partners are expected to do the following: 

  1. Share valuable information regarding corruption with the Commission. 
  2. Promote accountability and transparency. 
  3. Capacity-building programs for both parties 
  4. Take prompt action. 
  5. Cooperate and collaborate in public education on tailored programs designed by both parties.
  6. Cooperate with them in difficult times!
  7. Integrate their programs and strategies into your organization and use some of their tools for better work. 

Other instructors, including Mr. Sarrifou Harleston (Assistant Prosecutor), and Mr. Musa Kanteh (Head of the Policy and Ethics Unit), held sessions to go over the provisions of the ACC Act of 2008 and its amendment in 2019, as well as the importance of integrity and ethical values in the fight against corruption.

We hope these partnerships will further promote transparency and accountability in Sierra Leone. BudgIT’s work supports civic engagement, good governance, and the country’s efficient use of public resources. 

Group photo with The ACC Commissioner
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